Find solutions for traffic safety
  • Reduce the incidents of speeding

  • Increase number of sidewalks

  • Traffic lights for Bissett Road and Cole Harbour Road

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Transit solutions
  • Increase the number of express routes

  • Increase access to bike lanes

Open Spaces
  • Ensure our community gets to have a say on the development of parklands and open spaces

  • Create an off-leash section for the Rehab Lands Park 

  • Continued, regular maintenance on all existing parks and trails for continued active, safe use

Essential Services 
  • Equal access to all municipal services for all communities

  • Value for money on subcontracted services such as snow removal, procurement services and recreational activities

Community Engagement
  • Diversity is our strength but it is only a strength if all parts are equal.  Everyone in our community deserves nothing less and every level of government beginning with our Municipal Government must settle for nothing less – I will not!

  • Open lines of communication between our community and those who stand guard to keep us safe: RCMP, Halifax Fire, Halifax Police, EHS, 911. Communication is key, it leads to better understanding and leads to better outcomes for everyone.

Active Living
  • Greater utilization of the Cole Harbour High Community gym for recreational activities and programs

  • Consult and identify needs in the community with respect to making our recreational programs and facilities more accessible and inclusive, with the goal of providing greater opportunities to our community members and families with specials needs.

  • Expand the number of summer and March Break programs for children. This will provide older students an opportunity for employment and parents access to affordable, dependable programs for their children to enjoy.

  • Build outdoor basketball court with additional individual rims at Cole Harbour Commons

Arts and Culture
  • Work to increase investments in arts and culture at the municipal level, encouraging people to feel more connected to their communities.

  • Promote arts activities, expand cultural spaces and eliminate gaps in cultural participation.

  • Municipalities are key partners in supporting local arts, culture and heritage. As councillor, I will fight for the sustainability of arts and culture events, including music, theatre, dance and visual arts throughout HRM.