My family and I have lived in Cole Harbour for 20 years. Whether our home was in Forest Hills or Colby Village, we always knew Cole Harbour was home. And of course it is, where else in Nova Scotia can a person have such a sense of community, a connection to the ocean, beautiful lakes, streams and hiking trails while also having some of the best local businesses anywhere. Cole Harbour represents a strong, proud history and a future that has no limits; I want to be a part of that future and I want everyone to be a part of that future as well.


Over the years I have built many friendships and learned so much about this area. I also realize there are so many ways our continuously growing and beautifully diverse community can continue to be more. I want what everyone wants, a vibrant community that reflects the people who live here, provides opportunity for businesses to thrive and a community that provides an environment for everyone to feel safe, learn and be active. I hope through this campaign to hear from as many people as possible, to learn what’s important to you, to share my thoughts and my hopes for building our amazing community – together!


On behalf of myself, my wife Lori our girls, Emily and Meaghan, thank you for taking the time to visit my website and please return often.


Jamie MacNeil

Candidate District 4

Cole Harbour - Westphal