(COLE HARBOUR, NS, August 4, 2020) After many conversations across political lines, Jamie MacNeil who currently runs a renewable energy company out of Cole Harbour and long time advisor to Premiers and senior government officials in Halifax and Ottawa has decided to enter the race to be the next Councillor for Cole Harbour – Westphal in the upcoming Municipal Election, October 17, 2020.


“I have spent many years working on hard issues, be they environmental, energy, healthcare or justice related and I would like to think I have made a significant positive impact for people over the years,” said MacNeil. “As the next Councillor for Cole Harbour – Westphal, I intend to do the exact same.”


MacNeil has over 20 years experience working within government, coming up with collaborative solutions to complex problems.  In the upheaval of the COVID – 19 pandemic, MacNeil decided this is the time when putting oneself forward to serve the community was as important as it has ever been. 


“Our community has so much potential and our Municipality is sitting at the cusp of doing so many great things, I want to contribute in whatever way I can to make our communities, our municipality, our province better,” added MacNeil.


MacNeil has put together a strong team of likeminded community volunteers who are excited to roll up their sleeves and get to work on this campaign.


“I am truly honoured by the response I’ve received already and that was before we even announced, it’s quite humbling.  I intend to listen intently to the feedback from everyone who takes the time to reach out or finds a way to express their thoughts on how we can move our community forward,” said MacNeil.


Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, MacNeil has decided not to do traditional door knocking, instead the campaign will rely on social media, phone calling and setting up ‘availability sessions’ where MacNeil will rent space at Cole Harbour Place and invite people who are comfortable doing so, to meet and discuss issues following health and safety guidelines put forward by the Provincial Government.  More details on availability sessions coming soon.


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